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DECA Games achieves 80% revenue increase

DECA Games achieves 80% revenue increase

Leading developer DECA Games saw its game’s revenue increase as much as 80% thanks to Flexion.

The developer chose Flexion to publish and market its hit game, Gods and Glory on the alternative app stores,

Flexion clients

What developers say

“The alternative stores give us significant advantages in activation and average revenue.”
Dicky Wang, Marketing Director at ONEMT

“It always feels like they have our backs. That makes sure we maximise revenue while adding new audiences.”

FunPlus Spokesperson

“Flexion’s know-how about how these markets work helped us breathe new life into Gods and Glory.”

Puiu Fatulescu, Executive Producer at DECA

“The alternative app stores add to the game’s success, helping us reach a wider audience on other devices.”

Kevin Lee, Marketing Director at Top Games