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Working For Flexion

It has the prestige of a listed company and the excitement of a start-up.

Courtney Robinson on how Flexion has the prestige of a public company and the thrill of a startup

Benefits of working for Flexion



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Flexion’s Values

We welcome anyone into the Flexion family who shares our values, regardless of gender, ethnicity or background (diversity and inclusion)


I’ve got this

Flexion and Audiencly people take the initiative and get things done. They give each other the resources and support to excel. They take ownership to ensure partners and colleagues get the best, most efficient and agile responses. They constantly review with each other how they do things to find optimal approaches.


Embracing new ideas

Flexion and Audiencly people talk openly about challenges, respecting and embracing the ideas of others. They recognise that they grow a better business by working together – both with one another and with partners. They constantly challenge and evaluate the way they do things, exploring new options.


We deliver

Flexion and Audiencly people commit to reaching their ambitions, both individually and as a business. They understand that although the goal doesn’t change, the way they get there might. They are agile, resourceful and work as a team to build an extraordinary business and delight partners.


We shape the future

Flexion and Audiencly are founded on the ideas of its people, creating unique services and technologies that build revenue and audiences for partners. We understand our markets constantly evolve and so coming up with smart ideas is embedded in our culture. Every day, we analyse, we test, we discover, we strive for distinctiveness and scale.