Why invest in Flexion

Flexion provides a unique opportunity to invest in the mobile games market through a company with a diversified games portfolio, scalable business model, strong and well established relationships with developers and distribution channels and a proven and mature set up.

Mobile Games Market
Flexion offers an investment exposure to the mobile games market. This market has seen massive continuous growth since its inception close to two decades ago. The Android game segment is expected to double in size over the next four years. Flexion’s go to market segment is estimated to grow even faster during the same period. In addition, mobile gaming is viewed to be relatively uncorrelated to the general economic climate i.e. mobile gamers spend in both good and bad times.

Diversified games portfolio
Flexion manages a diversified catalogue of games. New games are added continuously and games which perform below expectations are replaced. This means that the Company’s overall business performance is driven by a portfolio based risk approach. This is in contrast to the majority of game developers, whose financial performance are often dictated by one or a few individual games. Most successful game developers produce a single blockbuster game but few manage to follow this up with additional hit titles.

Scalable business model
Flexion has a highly scalable distribution platform, unique technology and business model. The Company has also successfully raised capital to build critical mass on its distribution platform to kick-start network effects which are expected to further increase growth. In addition, with access to a very efficient capital market, Flexion will look at consolidation opportunities to speed up its growth.

Strong and established relationships
Flexion has strong and established relationships with leading distribution channels and game developers. Channels range from global players like Amazon and Samsung through to regional or local stores in emerging markets. Flexion’s portfolio mostly comprises games within the top 100 in Google Play. The existing relationships provide a solid foundation for future growth.

Proven and mature set up
Flexion has a proven and mature set up and is ready to grow. Over the last decade, the Company has completed and proven its core technology, service and business model. Well-established internal processes and organisational structures have been established. Its management team alone has over 100-man years of mobile gaming experience and an experienced board of directors has been in place since 2011.