DECA Games achieves 80% revenue increase on alternative app stores

Leading developer DECA Games saw its game’s revenue increase as much as 80% thanks to Flexion.

The developer chose Flexion to publish and market its hit game, Gods and Glory on the alternative app stores, like the Huawei App Gallery and Amazon App Store.

Growing Revenue

Artem Permyakov, senior producer at DECA recalls in the below video how Flexion set up and managed holiday promotions on the alternative app stores that skyrocketed their game’s revenue.

“It was around a 65-80% increase in revenue,” he states.

According to Artem this wasn’t just a one off boost. It had a long lasting impact on Gods and Glory’s overall performance.

“The audience we got from those events was afterwards sticking with the game,” he notes.

The Flexion team also increased revenue for Gods and Glory with a special promotion during Lunar New Year.

“It was also around a 50-60+ increase from our normal general revenue that we had over those holidays,” Artem explains.

Growth in Audience

Flexion didn’t just add revenue to Gods and Glory. It also grew the game’s audience.

Artem says, “Working with Flexion helped us expand our presence in Eastern Europe quite a lot. And tapping into some of the audiences that have been unavailable to us previously, for example Western Europe which is generally known for being difficult to get in.”

Finding New Ways to Market Your Game

Artem notes that growing a game’s revenue and audience is more crucial than ever.

“The market is literally exploding with all the variety of genres and games,” he says. “You have to  be creative and come up with some unusual ways to promote and grow the game and revenue. One thing is to acquire the audience, but another is to retain it.”

In the video Artem also tells how getting to the alternative platforms required  little effort from DECA’s team. This enabled them to focus on other business critical topics.

“I think that has been a tremendous help to us to focus on our releases and not to think that “Hey we have to deal with these four additional stores on top of the two we have,” he says.

Check out the below video to learn more about what challenges keep Artem up at night and what advice he has for developers who are considering marketing their games on the alternative app stores.