Flexion to bring more games from NEOCRAFT to Alternative App Stores

Flexion, the games marketing company, is bringing additional NEOCRAFT games, specifically Immortal Awakening and Chronicle of Infinity to the alternative app stores. The games will first launch on the ONE Store during Q1 2024 delivering these mobile experiences to even more audiences. Flexion and NEOCRAFT will also look at expanding distribution of these games to Amazon Appstore, Samsung Galaxy Store, Aptoide and DT Hubs later this year. 

Flexion has been a longtime partner of NEOCRAFT having published the developer’s titles Guardians of Claudia and Tales of Wind on the alternative app stores. 

Flexion’s distribution services will add revenue and new players from the alternative app stores through monetisation, platform relations and new user acquisition. For NEOCRAFT, the partnership with Flexion represents an opportunity to improve its brand and product recognition, and reach new users outside its existing distribution channels. Flexion is currently averaging around 10% extra revenue for Android games it distributes.

“Smart developers like NEOCRAFT are turning to the alternative app stores as a new and high revenue way to reach and engage with audiences,” says Jens Lauritzson, CEO of Flexion. “We’re delighted NEOCRAFT has chosen to extend its relationship with us and we look forward to growing this top developer’s revenue and audience.”

“In light of ever increasing UA costs and lower margins from the traditional app stores we are delighted with the revenue and audience growth Flexion has brought us via the alternative app stores,” said Terry Sun, CEO NEOCRAFT. “The team at Flexion took care of all the work and upfront costs for us. They are the obvious choice for us to roll out more of our games to the alternative platforms.”

Immortal Awakening is an MMORPG game released in February 2022. Players explore their homeland and form alliances while going to battle in order to save the world from collapse. Chronicle of Infinity is also an MMORPG and was released in October 2022. Players take on the role of a Guardian of the Astral Alliance to fend off the Obsidian Army’s ongoing violent attacks.