Flexion welcomes game-changing initiative in app distribution market

Reports confirm that Meta is joining the alternative market as EUs Digital Market Act gains momentum

Flexion (Nasdaq: FLEXM), the games marketing company welcomes reports that Meta is planning to support developers in the EU with a new service which by-passes Google Play and the App Store. As reported in the Verge, Meta is planning to let people in the EU directly download apps through Facebook ads, setting the company up to eventually compete with Google and Apple’s app stores.

“This is the moment we have been waiting for and something I have been talking about for the last five years,” says Jens Lauritzson CEO of Flexion. “What we are seeing is the result of regulatory pressure in the EU to open the app distribution market combined with changes in the user acquisition industry. Game developers are currently struggling with their user acquisition and reducing margins. More competition, like what Meta has announced, will improve the situation for developers over time. Flexion has for a long time been building support for a more fragmented and competitive market and we are ready to help developers grow their revenue and audiences with this opportunity,” he continues.

“This autumn we will launch our new and improved service ( SDK) for game developers which will not only provide support for all the established alternative app stores but also 3rd party payments. We are seeing an increasing trend where developers are looking for new audiences and higher margin. One way to achieve this is to integrate 3rd party payment services into games and use the Meta service or other similar ones offered by Digital Turbine, Unity or Applovin. By-passing Google Play can offer developers higher margins which can be allocated towards marketing and this is where Meta is already a market leader. It all sounds great but game developers are not experts in alternative distribution and this is where Flexion can support them to make the most out of this opportunity, Jens concludes.

Flexion’s strategy is to grow the distribution channels it offers developers, so they are no longer reliant on just Google Play. Existing clients currently see an average 10% boost in revenue through the platforms that Flexion helps them reach. Flexion is the market leader in alternative distribution for games and already supports developers with distribution in most of the big app stores such as Amazon App Store. Samsung Galaxy App Store, Huawei App Gallery, Xiaomi GetApps, ONE  store.