ONEMT: quality users who drive revenue show up through the alternative app stores

Game developer ONEMT has collected and analysed a lot of user data since its inception in 2015, so it knows what it’s talking about. This data became key when, with Flexion’s help, it launched its game, Rise of the Kings on the Amazon store in 2018.

“We’ve found that the users brought in by the alternative stores give us a significant advantage in terms of activation and average revenue per paying user (ARPPU),” says ONEMT’s Marketing Director Dicky Wang. “There are many dimensions that we use to evaluate the success of a store, but the most important ones are user growth and store revenue. The main reason we went to the alternative stores was because we wanted to have access to users outside of the regular Google Play store, and we wanted to generate incremental revenue from those users.”

ONEMT, founded in 2015, is a global tech corporation dedicated to bringing the best in online entertainment to gamers the world over. Its games are now available in 18 languages, and have consistently topped the charts on both iOS and Android. Its first success came in the Middle-East, and it has rapidly expanded into the global market, including the US, UK, DE, TR, PL and Asian countries.

Amazon was only the start

“After researching the market, we found that the Amazon store is available in more than 200 countries, and its revenue is growing rapidly,” says Dicky. “The value of its users is significantly higher than that of Google. So, in 2018 we chose Amazon.”

Since then, ONEMT has renewed its contract with Flexion for Rise of the Kings twice (most recently in March this year) and extended the reach of the game into the Samsung Galaxy App Store and Huawei App Gallery, as well as maintaining its position on Amazon.

“The expertise and experience of the Flexion team always delivers results that exceed our expectations,” says Dicky. “Rise of the Kings has generated 30% additional revenue [on top of Google Play revenue] from the alternative stores – far more than we expected before the partnership. So, when we launched our new title King’s Choice, Flexion was our go-to partner for the alternative stores.”

Flexion provides ONEMT with a fully outsourced service including technology to put its games on the alternative app stores.

“It has rich alternative app store resources and publishing experience,” says Dicky. “Using Flexion, we massively reduce our labour and time costs. These factors ultimately led to our cooperation.”

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