Staying popular across a range of app stores is key to building revenue for FunPlus

The mobile gaming market is constantly changing, says publisher and developer FunPlus. It believes a game’s success depends on being totally on-trend. The ability to respond quickly across app stores is vital in maintaining a game’s revenue flow.

“User preferences shift rapidly,” said a FunPlus spokesperson. “We need to keep up with them to remain popular and relevant.”

Part of the FunPlus strategy with its perennially popular game Guns of Glory has been to offer users access through a wide range of stores. As well as the iOS App Store and Google Play, Guns of Glory has, since 2019, been on Huawei’s App Gallery, the Samsung Galaxy Store, and the ONE store, thanks to Flexion.

“Although Guns of Glory has been around for nearly six years, we have always treated it as a new game in operation,” says the spokesperson. “We update the content frequently and continuously optimise features, bringing exciting gaming experiences to both new and existing players.”

Guns of Glory is a multiplayer strategy game where players control an army of musketeers. It is set in the age of enlightenment, when the first muskets came into use. Players manage resources, prepare their guns and train their musketeers so that they become legends on the battlefield. The game allows players to team up with friends from around the globe to shoot up enemies.

Since the game’s release in 2017, it has reached the top of the best-seller charts in 52 countries.

“As the game matured, we looked for new areas of growth,” says the FunPlus spokesperson. “So, in 2019, we turned our attention to segmented channels such as Huawei’s App Gallery, the Samsung Galaxy Store, and the ONE store. Currently, through Flexion’s multi-channel distribution, we acquire tens of thousands of new users every month through these stores.”

But the risk with multiple platforms is the overhead in maintaining the frequent updates, promotions and pricing that are key to keeping the game popular. It could be a logistic nightmare. This is where Flexion comes into the picture and provides valuable expertise and services..

“Flexion’s excellent technology and services allow us to easily release versions on channels such as Huawei, Samsung and the ONEstore with just one additional build during each update,” FunPlus explains. “In addition, Flexion’s professional marketing team helps us grab many promotional opportunities. On top of that, its support for art assets has saved us a considerable amount of cost.”

Working with Flexion is a genuine partnership, says FunPlus.

“It always feels like they have our backs. Flexion has deep cooperation with the various app stores, and that gives us opportunities and makes sure we maximise revenue while adding new audiences for the game. For example, in 2022, Flexion partnered with Huawei to bring Guns of Glory to Gamescom, giving our product great market exposure and brand awareness.”